On the Brink

Dec 21, 2022
Climate change-induced drought is exposing cracks in the global food system and overwhelming humanitarian aid.
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Flotilla Raid Deemed Legal

Jan 24, 2011
In a result sure to spark intense debate, Israel’s attack on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla last May has been declared by a government commission to be a legal use of force for self-defense. Israeli commandos killed nine activists attempting to break the blockade on the impoverished Gaza Strip.

Cholera Threatens Haiti

Oct 24, 2010
A cholera outbreak that has killed about 200 people in rural Haiti is threatening to spread to the capital, Port-au-Prince, potentially endangering the hundreds of thousands of earthquake survivors crowded into squalid camps around the city.

Haitians Protest U.N. ‘Occupation’

Oct 16, 2010
A crowd of about 100 protesters has blocked the entrance to the UN military headquarters in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, spraying anti-U slogans on vehicles and carrying banners saying "Down with the occupation!" while news comes that U peacekeeping forces will remain in the beleaguered country for an additional year.

Dropping the G-Word

Aug 27, 2010
Seven years after a decade-long spate of violence in the Congo, a leaked U draft report on the slaughter of tens of thousands of ethnic Hutus by Rwandan soldiers tepidly says that the horrific mass killings may possibly constitute genocide .

Now Hear This: U.S. Aids Pakistan

Aug 15, 2010
The US is providing the largest humanitarian response of any country to the devastating flooding in Pakistan, but its goodwill isn't altogether altruistic Part of the motivation is to clean up the American image in a country where 68 percent of the people have a negative view of the U .

Congressman Walks Gaza, Urges Massive Aid

Feb 20, 2010
US Rep Brian Baird, D-Wash, has criticized the White House, Israel and even his congressional colleagues after three trips to the Gaza Strip, commenting on the lack of action by the international community and the ignorance that most U politicians have toward the plight of the Palestinians.