NYC Hotels to Issue Panic Buttons to Housekeepers

Feb 9, 2012
New York City’s hotels have agreed to arm housekeepers with personal panic buttons for use in emergencies, including the event of unwelcome advances from guests. The decision likely results from an increased concern for worker safety stirred up by the alleged sexual assault of a housekeeper by former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn last May.
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DSK Pleads Not Guilty

Jun 6, 2011
He was met by hecklers siding with his alleged sexual assault victim outside the New York Supreme Court, but former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn kept his own words to a minimum, pleading not guilty in a brief court appearance Monday.

Triple Bomb Attack Targets Baghdad Hotels

Jan 26, 2010
On Monday, a series of three coordinated bombings targeting landmark hotels in Baghdad killed at least 36 people and wounded 71, according to The New York Times. Also Monday, Iraqis hung Saddam Hussein's cousin and former aide Ali Hassan al-Majeed --aka "Chemical Ali" -- for crimes against humanity, largely for his role in the mass killing of Iraqi Kurds in 1988.

Deadly Explosions Hit Two Indonesian Hotels

Jul 17, 2009
The Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta were the targets of two explosions on Friday in the first such attacks in four years. Nine people were killed and 50 injured in blasts that occurred within minutes of each other, according to the Associated Press. "There are indications of suicide bombs," one official said.

Dozens Killed in Pakistan Hotel Bombing

Sep 20, 2008
At least 40 people were killed and scores more injured Saturday when a truck bomb detonated near the entrance of the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan -- a destination for Westerners and other visitors to the Pakistani capital city -- as heads of state dined at the prime minister's house nearby.

Is This the Year of the Taliban?

Jun 28, 2008
It's been more than six years since the invasion of Afghanistan but, as this Mosaic Intelligence Report illustrates, it looks like the Taliban is actually getting stronger and bolder -- as evidenced by the recent Taliban-led prison break at Kandahar's Sarposa Prison. Could 2008 be the Year of the Taliban?