hillary clinton

Hillary Jokes About Bill’s Bad Behavior

Jan 30, 2007
While speaking at a rally in Iowa, Hillary Clinton tried out a tactic she may come to rely on during the campaign -- humor. Responding to a question about the bad men of the world, Clinton made a veiled reference to her notorious marital difficulties, and sent the crowd into an uproar.
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Dick Morris: ‘First Black Is Better Than First Woman’

Dec 19, 2006
Clinton strategist turned Fox News provocateur Dick Morris brought his peculiar insight to bear on the Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama showdown, claiming: "Obama is in fact a better first than she is. First black is better than first woman in our politics in terms of valuing it." What reasoning Morris used to make that determination remains a mystery, as he quickly moved on to the multitude of reasons why he feels Obama can't win, and how he'll leave the country if either one does.

Hillary the Panderer

Dec 8, 2006
Arianna Huffington takes Hillary Clinton to task for continuing her vote-hungry triangulating campaign against video game indecency. In case you missed it, last year Hillary got all bent out of shape over a hidden sex scene in a game called "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas." She didn't seem to mind the initial release of the game, which allowed players (17 and older) to commit mass murder in graphic detail.

Matthews Show Takes Lopsided Look at Candidates

Dec 5, 2006
As part of a series on assumed presidential candidates, "The Chris Matthews Show" followed a bout of McCain worship by treating Hillary Clinton like the girl who showed up at the prom wearing a burlap sack, criticizing everything from her public speaking style to the supposed unwillingness of the American people to tolerate Bill loafing around the White House. Watch it

Hillary vs. the General

Nov 16, 2006
Gen John Abizaid told the Senate Armed Services Committee that troop levels should not be changed in Iraq, but that Iraqis themselves ought to bear responsibility for the nation's security Sen Hillary Clinton responded with a smackdown: "Hope is not a strategy I have heard over and over again the Iraqi government must do this, the Iraqi army must do that Nobody disagrees with that The brutal fact is, it is not happening".