Cuba to Update Soviet-Era Constitution

May 28, 2018
As they try to adapt to new times, officials say they will maintain a Communist Party-led system in which freedom of speech and other rights are limited by “the purposes of socialist society.”
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Castro Emerges for Talk Show Stint

Jul 13, 2010
Cuba's former President Fidel Castro hasn't exactly been courting the limelight in recent years, owing to his ailing health and subsequent transfer of power to his brother Raul, but he rallied and made a rare cameo appearance Monday on a Cuban talk show.

American News Ticker Goes Dark in Havana

Jul 28, 2009
After vexing Cuban officials (and citizens, no doubt) for three years, a U.S. government-sponsored electronic billboard that featured news and information blips tailored for a Cuban audience from an American-friendly angle has been switched off in the interest of changing the diplomatic tone between the two countries.

Cuban Government Makes Raul Official

Feb 25, 2008
Cuba's National Assembly has named Raul Castro president and successor to his brother Fidel. Raul has essentially been running the country since Fidel had major surgery in 2006. Although he was expected to throw a bone to a younger generation of leaders, Raul named another septuagenarian veteran of the revolution his vice president.