harvey weinstein
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Polanski Preps for a Fight After Arrest

Sep 29, 2009
Director Roman Polanski's 1977 sex crime case has become an international and intergenerational saga, now that members of at least four governments have become involved, the former minor in question has grown up and requested that the issue be put to rest, and the original judge has been dead since 1993. However, after Polanski's arrest last Saturday in Zurich, it's clear this drama is far from over. Updated

Movie Mogul Weinstein Reportedly Pressured Pelosi

May 9, 2008
Studio honcho Harvey Weinstein is a force to be reckoned with -- it was no coincidence that Disney subsidiary Miramax became a major player in the film industry under his watch -- and recently he reportedly attempted to use his powers of persuasion to convince House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to follow his plan for a Democratic primary revote in Florida and Michigan or else.