gwen ifill

‘SNL’ Spoofs the VP Debate

Oct 5, 2008
Parody is the best policy, as evidenced by the boost that "Saturday Night Live" has recently enjoyed, thanks to Sarah Palin lookalike (and sometime comedy star) Tina Fey. We kid, but so do Fey, Queen Latifah and Jason Sudeikis -- playing Republican VP candidate Palin, PBS' Gwen Ifill and Democratic VP pick Joe Biden, respectively -- in this clip from the show's Oct. 4 episode.
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The Big Question After the VP Tussle

Oct 3, 2008
Did they deliver? That was the question coming from the Democratic and Republican camps after Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin did battle at the vice presidential debate in St. Louis on Thursday night. Here's the full debate in video -- tell us what you think about how the candidates handled themselves and represented their respective tickets.

You’re No Harry Truman, Governor

Oct 3, 2008
Gov. Sarah Palin survived Thursday night's debate, much to the disappointment of Democrats who hoped she would crumble as she did in her interview with Katie Couric. But she ducked tough questions, gave canned answers, tried to smile her way out of tough spots and cheerfully distorted Sen. Barack Obama’s record.