green energy

San Francisco to Ban Plastic Bags

Mar 28, 2007
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is expected to sign off on a citywide ban on petroleum-based plastic bags. The prohibition, the first of its kind in the nation, is meant to encourage the use of less harmful alternatives, including biodegradable plastic, cloth and paper bags.
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Save Money and the Planet at the Same Time

Jan 9, 2007
The higher cost of hybrid cars is worth it in the long run, according to a comprehensive new study. When considering not just fuel economy but insurance, maintenance, depreciation and other factors, a Toyota Prius owner can expect to save $13,408 over five years, compared with a non-hybrid in the same class.

Colbert Dominating TV-Web Fusion

Aug 23, 2006
During last night's (Aug. 21) show, Stephen Colbert aired fan-created video mash-ups of an earlier episode -- and then urged his viewers to make more. More than anyone else on TV, Colbert is harnessing the energies and enthusiasms of his viewers to produce a better product. Huff Po's Rachel Sklar has more.

Consumers Opt for Green Power Despite Price Tag

Jul 30, 2006
In the absence of genuine government policy, more and more consumers are spending their own cash to support green energy. Utility companies in 36 states offer energy from renewable sources to their customers for an added fee. Despite increasingly high energy costs, enrollment in such programs is up 20%, according to the Energy Department.

Songs of Protest

Apr 29, 2006
The Nation magazine notes that just as Bob Dylan moved the Vietnam era, many modern-day acts are eloquently and forcefully calling for change in America. An audio/video sampling of protest: Green Day Neil Young Pink Pearl Jam Kanye West The Dixie Chicks