‘Daily Show’: Glenn Beck’s Playing to G-O-L-D

Dec 12, 2009
What does Fox Newser Glenn Beck believe to be a safe investment during times of panic and fear? Gold. Which emotions is Beck particularly skilled at playing upon in his nightly Fox-cast? Panic and fear. Which Web site does Glenn Beck stump for?, which pushes the idea that now's the time to invest in gold. Oh.
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‘Liberty Dollar’ Crackdown

Nov 19, 2007
Ron Paul may not be ahead in the polls, but he's probably the only presidential candidate who already has his face on a coin. The feds have seized a cache of gold, silver and copper "liberty dollars" bearing Paul's visage. Other than a mutual distaste for the Federal Reserve, the Republican candidate has no relationship with the makers of the coins.

3,000 Trapped in South African Mine

Oct 4, 2007
More than 3,000 South African gold miners are trapped 14 miles beneath the surface of the Earth The company that owns the mine said that its workers will be able to breathe, but South Africa's National Union of Mineworkers said it is extremely concerned for those who are trapped Update: All of the workers have been rescued.

AOL?s New ‘Golden’ Business Model

Aug 16, 2006
America Online, the beleaguered Internet giant, has announced plans to dig for gold?seriously. The company recently won a lawsuit against a spammer who then skipped town, so it plans to search his parents? property for gold and platinum bars it believes to be buried there.