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Stocks Dive on Trade War Fears After China Sanctions

Mar 22, 2018
The Dow Jones industrial average drops 724.42 points (2.9 percent) on investor worries that trade tensions between the U.S. and China will escalate. Planned sanctions include tariffs on $48 billion worth of Chinese imports.

Meet the People ‘Being the Change’

Jan 5, 2014
In search of communities striving to build viable alternatives to scorched earth capitalism, a documentary team profiled people in Spain, Estonia and Indonesia who are creating underground economies that serve them, rather than waiting for political parties and corporate institutions to engender humane social change.

Bitcoin and the Dangerous Fantasy of ‘Apolitical’ Money

Dec 26, 2013
The crash of 2008 infused our societies with enormous skepticism of government and central bank authority. Naturally, many dream of a currency that politicians and bankers cannot manipulate. Bitcoin has emerged as the great white hope of something of the sort. Alas, that hope is false.

Thar Be Gold in Them Hills

Mar 4, 2011
You know Fox News is all over this story: The Utah House of Representatives is fixin' to vote on a measure that would make gold and silver coins a viable alternative to the boring -- and inflation-prone -- forms of currency currently in national circulation.