glass ceiling
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It’s a Man’s Meltdown

Dec 19, 2008
Today's brainteaser: Name the top female executives who were forced to go before Congress, explaining why their companies made multibillion-dollar mistakes that helped wreck the economy but nonetheless deserve billions in taxpayer bailouts.

No Clinton-Palin ‘Cat Fight’

Sep 9, 2008
Hillary Clinton is doing another campaign push for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, but she's apparently being careful not to take on Republican VP hopeful Sarah Palin in any way that might signal "cat fight" to those media types watching for any hint of such a conflict between Clinton and Palin.

Clinton: 1, Patriarchy: 0

Jan 8, 2008
Really? Was that the best they could do? Hillary Clinton calmly dismissed the action of chauvinistic attendees at a Salem, N.H., rally who yelled "Iron my shirt!" repeatedly as she was talking. "Ah, the remnants of sexism -- alive and well," Clinton quipped, to the approval of the rest of the audience.