As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton Opened Her Door to Financial Supporters


Official calendars obtained by The Associated Press show that while serving as secretary of state, the Democratic presidential candidate made herself available to dozens of influential fundraisers, loyalists of the former Clinton administration and her current campaign, and corporate donors to her family’s global charity.

How Violence in Ukraine Could Lead to Nuclear Disaster

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One big problem with the recent calls for a Western military role in the Ukraine conflict is the Chernobyl reactor, whose core exploded in 1986 and must be watched forever. The old sarcophagus that contains it must be replaced next year and cannot wait out a war.One big problem with the calls for a Western military role in the Ukraine conflict is the Chernobyl reactor. The sarcophagus that holds it must be replaced soon and cannot wait out a war.

America's Global Torture Network
Robert Scheer

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When it comes to torture in the post 9/11 era, the record of the United States is so appalling that one must question our claimed abhorrence of the barbarism of other nations. Hideous acts are conducted in our name, and the state relies on our ignorance to gain the public's acquiescence.

Soros Sounds a Warning on the Future of EU


George Soros issued a dire warning to the European Union recently, stating that fundamental flaws in the design of the euro are preventing economically distressed nations like Greece from getting back on their feet and threatening the very existence of the EU. (more)

George Soros Makes the Case for Legal Weed


The billionaire investor/activist has written a well-reasoned essay in the Wall Street Journal arguing for an end to marijuana prohibition The L Times reports that in California, Soros is backing the cause with more than words (continued).

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