george allen

It’s Official. Finally.

Nov 10, 2006
George Allen, the man who some say could've been president, has finally conceded to challenger Jim Webb, at long last putting an end to speculation and granting the Democrats total control of both houses of Congress.
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Get Ready for Ragin’ Recount 2006!

Nov 9, 2006
If James Webb prevails in the Senate race recount in Virginia, Dems will control both houses of Congress If Allen wins, the GOP retains the reins in the Senate So prepare yourself for a recount battle second in ferocity only to the 2000 Bush-Gore saga -- one replete with legal maneuvering, public posturing and, of course, dirty tricks Update: We may be wrong about the above (mea culpa after the jump).

Weekly Video Roundup

Nov 4, 2006
This week, our assemblage of Truthdig favorites includes a finger-wagging hypocritical evangelist; Andrew Sullivan flatly stating that Bush has come unhinged; and goons of Va. Sen. George Allen attacking a blogger.

I Love Black People!

Aug 29, 2006
In an apparent attempt to control the fallout of his ostensibly racist "macaca" remark, Virginia Sen George Allen has updated his website with a picture of him embracing a woman with dark skin But the damage has been done He's losing in the polls to his rival for the Senate (and Allen was until recently being touted as presidential material) (h/t: HuffPo) Ana Marie Cox says historians will study this episode as an example of how NOT to do damage control.


Aug 26, 2006
Can't get enough backstory on Va. Sen. George Allen's racist remark? Neither can the Washington Post, which posted this 1,300-word profile on the object of Allen's remark, 20-year-old U. Va student S.R. Sidarth. Allen's lead over his rival for the Senate has evaporated in the wake of his comment. (Go, blog power!)