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New iPhone: Don’t Judge the 4S by Its Cover

Oct 5, 2011
Apple announced Tuesday the first new iPhone in 16 months. It says the 4S is twice as fast, has a better camera and can communicate with you like a virtual manservant. But it looks just like the old version and that seems to have disappointed those of us who spent months fantasizing about a mythical "iPhone 5." (more)

Save Us From Our Devices

Dec 29, 2010
Mr. Speaker, please don't. Go ahead, if you must, and cut taxes. Slash spending. Repeal health care. I understand. Elections have consequences. But BlackBerrys and iPads and laptops on the House floor? Reconsider, before it's too late.

Apple Announces iPhone 4

Jun 7, 2010
Apple has unveiled its latest magical device built by suicidal Chinese workers -- the iPhone 4 It squeezes four times as many pixels into the same-sized screen It's made out of glass and steel, with antennas wrapping around the sides of the phone The phone runs on the iPad's A4 processor It has a front-facing (continued).