fred thompson

Huckabee Feuds with Romney for Fun and Profit

Nov 18, 2008
Perhaps because he's already looking forward to 2012, or maybe because he had some pages to fill in his brand new book, erstwhile Republican presidential contender Mike Huckabee is once again taking issue with Mitt Romney and questioning his rival's commitment to conservative politics
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Thompson Drops Out

Jan 23, 2008
Fred Thompson was supposed to be the political savior of his party, but instead he sputtered and fizzled his way through a disappointing few months of campaigning. After poor showings in every primary and caucus to date, Thompson has decided to call it quits. Next up, Rudy Giuliani?

Running Away From Bush

Jan 15, 2008
The turmoil in the Republican presidential contest, which seems to produce a new front-runner every month, owes to President Bush's unpopularity and the fact that even members of his own party want to turn the page on the last seven years.

Thompson Accuses Fox of Bias

Nov 26, 2007
Fred Thompson told Chris Wallace of "Fox News Sunday" that his network was biased, charging that criticism against Thompson's campaign "has been a constant mantra of Fox." As if to demonstrate the point, Wallace shot back: "Do you know anybody who thinks you've run a great campaign, sir?"

Colbert’s Poll Numbers on the Rise

Oct 27, 2007
Look out, Hillary Clinton -- Stephen Colbert might soon be hot on your heels. As it happens, Republican presidential hopefuls Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson also have cause for concern, according to a new Rasmussen Report national survey. Oh, and about those reports that Colbert's candidacy may violate campaign election laws? Comedy Central's on the case.