flight 253

U.S. Sending More Troops to Yemen

Jan 28, 2010
The Pentagon is planning to ramp up the number of U.S. special forces troops in Yemen, pointing to the botched Christmas Day attack on Northwest flight 253 as part of the impetus for the increase. It's not clear yet how many more American troops will be sent over, but the boost will be significant, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Mutallab Challenge

Jan 13, 2010
Christmas 2009 was not particularly cheery in Nigeria. A poor economic climate, an epileptic power supply and scarcity of petroleum products ensured that the celebrations were low-key. As if these challenges were not enough, news of an attempted bombing of a U.S. airliner by a Nigerian filtered in on Christmas Day. The nation’s heart sank. The tag that has now been put on the country is a new one for Nigeria. Money laundering? Sadly, yes. Internet scamming? Another sad yes. But suicide bombing?
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U.S. Halts Transfer of Gitmo Prisoners to Yemen

Jan 6, 2010
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the US government has decided that now is not the best time to transfer Yemeni detainees back to their homeland from Guantánamo Bay prison in Cuba More than 80 Yemeni prisoners -- almost half of the entire group at Gitmo -- will stay put for the time being, as the situation between the U and Yemen remains tense.

‘Colbert Report’: Genitalia Bomb Threat

Jan 6, 2010
Thank goodness "The Colbert Report" is back on the air, and just in time to comment on the attempted airplane attack in Detroit on Christmas Day, which was nearly, er, pulled off by a new kind of dirty bomb. This, plus the prospect of full-body scanning in airports, leads Stephen Colbert to point out that terrorists may not stop at wiring explosives near their junk.