Occupy Fashion Week

Feb 18, 2012
Fashionistas are a funny lot, sometimes unintentionally so, and often given to talking about the rag trade and all things stylish in highfalutin' terms. Here we have some from that set -- and a couple of outliers, including Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges -- holding forth about the nuanced relationship between fashion and OWS.

And Now, This Presidential Appraisal From Scarlett Johansson

Feb 9, 2012
There may be untold millions of onetime Obama boosters whose feelings of hope have significantly diminished since, say, November 2008 -- and with good reason. But on Tuesday night, one of the president's celebrity supporters, Scarlett Johansson, showed she's still willing to stump for Obama at a gathering in New York that brought fashionistas and politicos together.

High Fashion in the Time of Recession

Dec 8, 2011
Granted, he is the head designer at Chanel, and haute couture has never been about realism or frugality, but Karl Lagerfeld might do well to drop his socioeconomic commentary to the level of a whisper breathed to like-minded luxe junkies from behind a lacy fan in Paris.
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The Model and Mutassim Gadhafi

Nov 4, 2011
Given what we now know about Moammar Gadhafi's obscene fortune, it's not surprising to hear that his son, Mutassim -- the one who died on the same day as his father -- had lavish spending habits, or that he liked to spread the wealth while courting (more).

Haute Love, High Fashion

May 14, 2011
Bergé admits that his own nature was controlling, and he makes no apology for it. Indeed, he makes no apology for anything in his life. And therein lies something of a mystery. We are not allowed to imagine what Saint Laurent saw in this man—except an enabler.I think Saint Laurent had something like an artist’s spirit, but he was obliged to operate in a world that is almost the definition of ephemera.

Fashion Police: France Votes to Ban the Burqa

Sep 15, 2010
The French Senate voted 246-1 Tuesday to make it illegal for women to wear garments that cover their entire faces. The measure, if greenlighted by a constitutional body, will affect only a few thousand people, but its implications for religious freedom and women's rights have attracted international interest.

Reality TV Hits a New Low With Disabled Model Show?

Dec 2, 2009
There's a lot to unpack when it comes to BBC America's new reality show, "Britain's Missing Top Model," which focuses on a group of disabled women competing to win a high-profile modeling gig. First, what, exactly, is "missing" here, aside from the fact that some contestants are missing limbs? Could it be a sense of humanity, then?

‘Bruno’ Tricks Ex-Mossad Spy

Jul 8, 2008
Sacha Baron Cohen is already notorious for his alter ego Borat, and now, fortunately for his career (and unfortunately for those who get caught in his comedic cross hairs), he has another invented personality -- Austrian fashionista Bruno -- who just pulled one over on former Mossad agent Yossi Alpher.