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Paulson Tipped Hedge Funds About Market Meltdown

Nov 29, 2011
Back in July of 2008, when most of us were still blissfully ignorant about the approaching economic apocalypse, then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson was very aware of some important market distress signals, and he chose to share some of those with an elite group of financial executives, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.
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Barney Frank to Call It Quits

Nov 28, 2011
Want to get a quick read on another American's politics? Say the words Barney Frank The Massachusetts congressman has become a distinctive presence in the House of Representatives over the last 32 years, becoming a lightning rod for condemnation and celebration, depending on where you sit On Monday (more) Updated.

A Road Map to Economic Armageddon

Jun 3, 2011
In "Reckless Endangerment," Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosner argue that cozy connections between government and the financial industry were the primary cause of the financial crisis.

Obama Hires a Hustler

Oct 20, 2010
Behind the wonderfully engaging smile of this president there is the increasingly disturbing suggestion of a cynical power-grabbing politician whose swift rise in power reflects less the earnestness of his message and far more the skills of a traditional political hack.One day as Wall Street was crashing, President George W. Bush had the temerity to plaintively ask his treasury secretary, Henry Paulson: “How did this happen?”

The Whistle-Blower They Ignored

Apr 14, 2010
There aren’t too many genuine heroes to come out of the banking disaster, but Armando Falcon is one of them -- and had he been listened to, a significant part of the housing crisis could have been mitigated. There aren’t too many genuine heroes to come out of the banking disaster, but Armando Falcon is one of them.

Greenspan Defends the Fed to Meltdown Commission

Apr 7, 2010
Former Fed chief Alan Greenspan faced the proverbial firing squad, or in this case the congressionally appointed Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, to answer questions Wednesday about his leadership choices at the Fed with regard to some key factors that triggered the financial implosion in 2008.