executive privilege
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Leahy Snaps at White House Stonewaller

Aug 3, 2007
Bush lackey Scott Jennings gives Sen Pat Leahy the broken-record treatment, which has become so familiar Witness Leahy's frustration break as Jennings refuses even to describe his duties: "Let's not be too contemptuous of this committee You work at the White House You're paid for by taxpayers You work for the American people I'm just asking you what kind of work you do".

Rove to Dodge Senate Committee Grilling?

Aug 2, 2007
Once again, it pays to be in the Bush administration's tight inner circle (especially when the possibility of punishment for alleged wrongdoing looms): It now seems that Karl Rove may be protected by his loyal president and may not have to face the Senate Judiciary Committee about the U.S. attorney firings scandal.

Bush Scoffs at Subpoenas

Jun 29, 2007
The president is sick and tired of those Democrats and their pesky checks and balances and will not allow his aides to testify, as summoned, before the Senate. Bush and his legal team are relying on executive privilege -- the notion that what happens in the White House stays in the White House. But Judiciary Committee Chairman Pat Leahy isn't buying it.