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Police Give Occupy D.C. a Tidying

Feb 6, 2012
Washington, D.C., riot police swept away much of one of the last remaining Occupy encampments early Saturday morning, clearing McPherson Square of tents banned under area rules while leaving those that met regulations. Six protesters were arrested, but Occupiers are still permitted to demonstrate at all hours.

London High Court Tells Occupiers to Get Out

Jan 18, 2012
On the day it was announced that British unemployment had risen to close to 27 million people, a high court judge ruled that Occupy London protesters must dismantle their encampment on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral in the city's center The protesters, who expressed both defiance and resolve, were given seven days to appeal the decision.

Surging Foreclosures Benefit Home Investors

Jan 15, 2012
A sunken housing market has turned foreclosure auctions into feeding grounds for the vultures of American capitalism. Low prices mean plenty of available buildings to be bought, fixed up and sold at a profit. Meanwhile, suffering evictees are nowhere to be seen, except for the rare occasions when they show up to protest or bid on the homes themselves.