'Most Senior' ETA Leader Arrested


Even as the Basque separatist ETA signals a willingness to move toward peace, one of its top leaders -- whom many are calling the "most senior" -- has been arrested in France before a commando operation that allegedly was to be carried out in Spain.

ETA May Drop Arms


In a potentially historic development for Spain, the political wing of the ETA -- the Basque separatist group -- has announced it will call for the organization to lay down its arms after 40 years. Leaders of the wing are urging the organization, which has been in decline, to focus on bringing the issue of separatism back to the center of Basque politics.

Basque Militants Suspected in Car Bombing


In a continuation of the decades-long struggle between the Spanish government and those calling for independence of the Basque territories, a car bomb went off near a Bilbao television station Wednesday. No one was injured in the blast, which authorities believe was set off by the ETA, a militant Basque independence group.

Madrid Bombing Raises ETA Concerns


At least four people were injured when a car bomb exploded at the Madrid airport on Saturday. If the separatist group ETA is responsible, as the Spanish government has charged, the blast would signal the end of a cease-fire that began in March.

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