estate tax
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A Progressive Estate Tax

Sep 10, 2014
Unless we reduce skyrocketing wealth and income inequality, unless we end the ability of the super-rich to buy elections, the United States will be well on its way toward becoming an oligarchic form of society where almost all power rests with the billionaire class.

Obama’s Tax Cave Is Worse Than Expected

Dec 7, 2010
Based on what The New York Times describes as President Obama's "substantial concessions to Republicans," Democrats in Congress have reason to fret Not only did Obama agree to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, but he caved in to Republican demands to neuter the estate tax (more).

Krugman: ‘Bipartisanship Is Now a Foolish Dream’

Mar 6, 2010
Someone might want to call President Barack Obama's attention to the main message of Paul Krugman's latest Op-Ed column in The New York Times: This whole bipartisanship idea isn't going to catch on in Congress Krugman takes the recent example of the bill-blockading gymnastics of Sen Jim Bunning (pictured above), along with (continued).