emancipation proclamation

The Call for Reparations Rises Again

Apr 12, 2015
In 1865, former slaves first heard the broken promise that they would receive "40 acres and a mule" to start their new lives. Now, 150 years later, the movement seeking compensation and healing for the slaves' descendants is coming back to life.In 1865, ex-slaves were promised "40 acres and a mule." Now, 150 years later, the movement to win compensation for their descendants has returned, with a focus on healing.
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Survey Says: Lincoln’s Tops

Feb 17, 2009
It's either a grand testimonial to the staying power of Abraham Lincoln's legacy or a subtle put-down of his many successors, but, regardless, a survey of 65 historians conducted by C-SPAN found that Honest Abe still prevails when it comes to perception of his presidential prowess.