elizabeth warren
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Elizabeth Warren Bags $3 Million

Oct 11, 2011
The consumer advocate is off to a great start in her bid to defeat the other Democratic primary challengers and Massachusetts Republican Sen. Scott Brown to retake Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. Warren raised $3 million in the last quarter -- double Brown's haul.

Truthdigger of the Week: Amy Goodman

Sep 23, 2011
Amy Goodman, our Truthdigger of the Week, took her "Democracy Now!" camera and crew to Georgia for what turned out to be a marathon examination of the emotional events leading up to the execution of Troy Davis.Amy Goodman, with her "Democracy Now!" camera and crew, was the only news outlet to cover live the events leading up to the execution of Troy Davis.

Elizabeth Warren Is Running for the Senate

Sep 15, 2011
In the past few years, Elizabeth Warren proved herself one of the very few people in government committed to actually doing something about Wall Street greed, and she got kicked to the curb as a result. Now she is hoping to win back Ted Kennedy's Senate seat from Republican Scott Brown. (more)

Alan Grayson Tells It Like It Is

Jul 21, 2011
This week on Truthdig Radio in collaboration with KPFK: Alan Grayson tells us why he’s running again for Congress; wild-man cartoonist Mr. Fish discusses his new book; a couple of holy men talk about biblical ignorance; and Truthdig editor-in-chief Robert Scheer talks about President Obama's rejection of Elizabeth Warren. Update: Full transcript.This week on Truthdig Radio: Alan Grayson, wild-man cartoonist Mr. Fish, a couple of holy men and Robert Scheer.