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‘When Is a Military Coup Not a Military Coup?’

Jul 5, 2013
"For the first time in the history of the world, a coup is not a coup," Robert Fisk writes in The Independent. "The army take over, depose and imprison the democratically elected president, suspend the constitution, arrest the usual suspects, close down television stations and mass their armour in the streets of the capital." But the American president does not name it as so.

Dispatches From Cairo: Ms. Clinton, Kindly Butt Out

Jun 23, 2012
Egyptians, beset by a heat wave and overheated politics, resent American meddling in their contested presidential election.Egyptians resent a U.S. attempt to influence the outcome of their contested presidential election. Editor’s note: Since this dispatch was posted, election authorities have declared Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi the winner and Egypt’s new president.