The Next America

Oct 22, 2012
Assuming that neither man faints on the stage at their final debate on Monday, the Obama-Romney race now depends on three smoking guns rarely discussed by candidates: geography, demography, and getting out the right vote.
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Israel’s Insatiable Zionism

Aug 21, 2011
Israel's Zionism turned capitalism is getting out of hand; Postmodernism is dead, leaving many to question what it was in the first place; meanwhile, the Americas are projected to replace the Middle East as the energy capital of the world. These discoveries and more after the jump.

Is Texas a Closeted Blue State?

Feb 3, 2009
Hold on to your 10-gallon: Gallup's polling data from the last election show that more Texans identify as Democrats than Republicans. That hasn't translated into a political earthquake just yet, but it may only be a matter of time. Changing demographics make the Lone Star State and its 34 electoral votes a tempting target for Democrats.

When Minorities Are in the Majority

Aug 14, 2008
Census data project that in just 34 years, today's minority groups together will make up the majority of the U population, outnumbering "non-Hispanic whites" Contrary to what Lou Dobbs and the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps would have you believe, the change in demographics has more to do with procreation than immigration .

A Candid Pollster: ‘We Suck’

Apr 24, 2008
We all know pollsters get it wrong from time to time, but you have to hand it to Public Policy Polling for refreshing candor After the results were in, the only major polling group to predict an Obama victory in Pennsylvania posted on its blog: " please do not call us or e-mail us and tell us we suck! We are well aware, and it does not feel good".

Married With Children in the Minority

Mar 4, 2007
Fewer than a quarter of American households contain a married couple with children, down from half in 1960. While the numbers are lower across the board, the nuclear family appears to have become a luxury, with wealthier people far more likely to marry before having children.