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Progressive Coalition Targets Fox Advertisers

Jul 28, 2007
A group of progressive organizations and blogs is planning to hit Fox News where it hurts: the bank account. MoveOn.org, Brave New Films, DailyKos and others are working to compile a list of local advertisers as part of a larger pressure campaign. Fox News may have brought this on itself by successfully pressuring JetBlue to pull out as a major sponsor of the YearlyKos convention.

Fox Attacks Bloggers

Jul 28, 2007
Fox News is out to smear the blogosphere with a slew of unsavory tactics, such as comparing liberal bloggers to the Klan and Nazi Germany. It has already met with some success, prompting JetBlue to pull its sponsorship from the YearlyKos convention.
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Daily Kos: Why Lieberman Website Crashed

Aug 8, 2006
Aides to Sen. Joe Lieberman accused Ned Lamont's campaign Tuesday morning -- with no evidence -- of attacking and bringing down Lieberman's website. But Markos (of Daily Kos) seems to have found the real culprit: Lieberman's $15-a-month web hosting company went down, along with all its clients. (Thanks to reader "publius" for the link.) Check out Lieberman's unfounded accusations What an oddly petty conclusion to a race that has hinged on the most consequential of all topics.

Bloggers at the Gates

Mar 14, 2006
The New York Times' editorial page gives a big plug to "Crashing the Gates," the book on Internet-based political action, co-authored by the editor of the hugely popular blog DailyKos. The Times calls the book's criticism of clueless media consultants and self-defeating groups like NARAL "dead-on."