Detainees vs. Bush

Jul 17, 2009
Finally someone is going after George W. Bush for his crimes against the world -- it's just a shame that it's not the U.S. Congress. An Al-Jazeera journalist imprisoned for six years in Guantanamo is planning joint legal action against the former president.
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Immunity Issue Snags U.S.-Iraq Agreement

Sep 19, 2008
We tearfully regret to inform you that an agreement that would legally extend the US imperial occupation of Iraq is at risk of falling apart, as Iraqi officials continue to make the audacious demand that U soldiers and mercenaries be subject to Iraqi law for crimes committed outside the scope of military operations.

Amnesty International Accuses Israel of War Crimes

Aug 24, 2006
Amnesty International has referred to some of Israel's actions in Lebanon as "war crimes that give rise to individual criminal responsibility" A report by the human rights organization condemned the deliberate bombing of civilian infrastructure and the loss of civilian life, noting: "Entire families were killed in air strikes on their homes or in their vehicles while fleeing the aerial assaults on their villages as the Red Cross and other rescue workers were prevented from accessing the areas by continuing Israeli strikes".