D.C. Council Opens Its Eyes

May 6, 2009
The DC council passed a measure Tuesday to recognize same-sex marriages within the district by a 12-1 vote -- with D stalwart/weirdo Marion Barry casting the lone dissension The result will likely prime the debate on legalizing same-sex marriage in D.

U.N. OK’s Peacekeeping in Darfur

Sep 1, 2006
The U.N. Security Council has approved plans to create a peacekeeping force in Darfur, but will not deploy the troops until Sudan agrees. The force of up to 22,500 would "replace or absorb" the 7,000 African Union soldiers whose mandate expires Sept. 30. (h/t: Think Progress)
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Italy Bails Out France

Aug 22, 2006
Italy's prime minister has tentatively offered to take the leadership role in Lebanon's peacekeeping mission with a deployment of 3,000 troops. France, which was to lead the mission, has offered only 200 troops after expressing concern over the force's mandate.