Obama Assails Court Decision

Jan 23, 2010
In his weekly radio address, President Obama showed his dismay at the Supreme Court's decision to remove corporate campaign finance limits, warning of a pending deluge of special interest money into our democracy -- a subject he knows quite well as he continues to fight for health care reform.
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Pinching Political Party Purses

Mar 27, 2009
Both the Democratic and Republican parties are experiencing a unique form of financial comeuppance, as the economic recession they were in charge of preventing -- that has now caused a 8.4 percent national unemployment rate -- is causing a dramatic drop in the level of political party donations.

Your Money Votes, Too

Nov 7, 2008
You may have knocked on doors for Barack Obama, but it's possible you gave money to John McCain. GoodGuide has a tool that sorts donations by party, logo and industry. Tech companies seem to prefer Democrats while food companies love Republicans. The banks, of course, throw money at everybody.

McCain Camp Gets Big Checks From Big Oil Execs

Aug 4, 2008
It's not particularly surprising that oil executives at the Hess Corp. got a little excited when John McCain changed his position in June and called for offshore drilling, but it is interesting that the Hess brass, according to Talking Points Memo, apparently demonstrated their gratitude (cue cash register sound effect here) by writing some big checks to the McCain campaign.

Democrats’ Faustian Bargain

May 20, 2007
In their mad race for money, the front-running Democratic presidential candidates might be selling themselves to the devil. That is, in words more familiar to political debate, they might be delivering themselves into the hands of rich and powerful opponents of progressive policies.

Supreme Court Rejects Vermont’s Campaign Finance Law

Jun 27, 2006
This is a complicated issue. We'll let the Washington Post take it: "The Supreme Court struck down Vermont's strict limits on campaign contributions and spending yesterday, in a splintered ruling that left intact the constitutional basis of current campaign finance laws but may make it difficult to put new curbs on money in politics."

Corporate Donations Shift Left

Jun 20, 2006
Companies in the insurance, pharmaceuticals and tobacco industries are boosting their share of contributions to Democrats this year, an indication that the traditionally Republican-friendly donors suspect Dems may soon end up holding the reins of power.

The Clean Money Campaign Needs Your Help

Jun 17, 2006
A law working its way through the California Legislature would provide for full public funding of credible candidates in statewide races. This is the real-deal way to eliminate the ruinous influence of huge campaign contributions in elections. It's already working in a few states, and a victory in California could start a nationwide revolution. Check it out. Sign a petition. Join the cause.