NYT Puts Up a Paywall

Mar 18, 2011
Let's try this again, shall we? The New York Times has experimented in the past with the idea of charging for content, and starting later this month the Grey Lady is launching a new pay-to-play plan and squirreling most of what's fit to print behind a firewall.

Newsday’s Paid Content Project Hits Major Glitch

Jan 27, 2010
In the future, news junkies may be willing to pay a subscription fee to get their fix, but judging by what's happening over at Long Island's Newsday newspaper, that time has not come. According to The New York Observer, after three months, only 35 people had signed up to have full access to for $260 a year.
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Murdoch, Microsoft May Team Up to Challenge Google

Nov 24, 2009
Over the last decade, Google has ballooned into the many-headed online hydra we know it to be today, and despite grumblings about monopolies and a couple of legal tussles, the company's viselike grip has seemed assured for years to come However, News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch might be gearing up (continued) .

U.K. Cracking Down on Net Piracy

Jul 25, 2008
The British government is planning to "significantly reduce" the country's online file-sharing of copyrighted content, by at least 50 percent, in the next three years through a sequence of warning letters, Internet account suspensions and ultimate expulsion from Internet access.

Coming Soon: Wikiversity

Aug 4, 2006
The Wikimania conference is underway, and "mania" is just one word that's getting the wiki treatment. Consider these project announcements: "Wikiversity" and "Wikiwyg." More news on what's new in wiki via blogger Andy Carvin (via Great story by Stacy Schiff in The New Yorker about the future of Wikipedia.