GOP Rep. King Compares Latinos to Drunks

Jul 17, 2006
The anti-immigration congressman made a speech before Congress in May that blasted the idea of providing interpreters for Spanish speakers at polling stations, saying the practice would "coddle" Hispanics, "just like an enabler for an alcoholic, hand them a bottle of booze so they do not cure themselves" This is the same guy who recently proposed erecting an electrified fence along the US-Mexico border, and compared Latinos to livestock .
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Libby Trial Delayed Until 2007

Feb 4, 2006
How convenient: Scooter's day in court gets pushed off until after the midterm congressional elections because one of his lawyers has a "scheduling conflict." | storyUPDATE: New documents shed more light on Libby's perfidies. | report

Jack, Not Iraq, Is the Biggest Threat to Bush

Dec 2, 2005
Prediction: It's the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal, not Iraq, that will unravel the Bush empire. Abramoff will follow the lead of his partner, Michael Scanlon, in copping a plea bargain with prosecutors, whose likely targets include Tom DeLay, many other congressional Republicans and key players in the administration.