Russia announced Wednesday its willingness to withdraw its remaining troops from Georgia if, and only if, some conditions were met: one, bring international peacekeepers in to replace Russian soldiers and, two, Georgia must sign nonaggression pacts with South Ossetia and Abkhazia.


The US should pull nearly all combat troops out of Iraq by 2008 and push for a broad diplomatic and political solution -- or face a "slide toward chaos," according to the long-awaited Iraq Study Group's report

  • A line from the report: "U forces seem to be caught in a mission that has no foreseeable end"
  • Read the entire report here
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    OK, we had to do it Some snippets from a focus on the daily grind by the Washington Post:

  • The Pew Research Center: "Americans believe that workers are worse off now than a generation ago -- toiling longer and harder for less in wages and benefits, for employers who aren't as loyal in jobs that aren't as secure"
  • The Economic Policy Institute's "State of Working America 2006/2007": Productivity may have boomed in recent years, but family incomes have stalled
  • Peter D Hart Research for the AFL-CIO repeats this pessimistic drumbeat: Fifty-five percent of Americans said their incomes were not keeping up with inflation; 38% predicted that the economy would worsen in the coming year

  • Also, the origins of Labor Day, My Bad Boss Contest, a four-day workweek, labor statistics, quality of life, undocumented workers' rights More labor links? Put 'em here.


    An Apple Computer audit of labor conditions at an iPod factory in China uncovered employees working longer hours than permitted by its code of conduct. Auditors also said that workers earned ?at least the local minimum wage? -- whatever that may be in Longhua, China.


    The creators behind the critically acclaimed Matrix satire, "The Meatrix," have produced an equally engaging sequel, which continues to shine a harsh light on the conditions endured by animals on industrial farms. Watch it.

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    Newly released photos and videos of inhumane conditions at Abu Ghraib have again shone a spotlight on America's treatment of its prisoners Read the sworn statements by prisoners at Abu Ghraib, obtained and translated by the Washington Post in 2004 at the height of the prison abuse scandal Excerpt: "As soon as we arrived, they put sandbags over our heads and they kept beating us And every single night this military guy comes over and beat us and handcuffed us until the end of his shift".

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