collective bargaining

100,000 March in Madison

Mar 14, 2011
Upwards of 100,000 people turned out at a protest in the Wisconsin capital after Republican lawmakers and the Republican governor pushed through a new anti-union law eliminating most collective-bargaining rights for public employees.
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Walker: Layoffs Loom for Wis. Workers

Mar 4, 2011
Things got a little lively in Wisconsin on Thursday, as news hit the wires that the state Senate had voted to allow the arrest of more than a dozen Democratic senators who had fled the state in protest of Gov Scott Walker's contentious union-busting bill .

First Wisconsin, Now Ohio

Mar 2, 2011
All that talk about Wisconsin being a potential test case for the rest of the country might be right, as now Ohio's Senate is preparing for a vote this week that could end collective bargaining for public-sector workers in the name of -- you guessed it -- austerity.