ciudad juarez

Drug War Hobbles Mexican Economy

Jun 23, 2012
In addition to having produced 60,000 dead, 20,000 disappeared, hundreds of thousands displaced, wounded or on the run, and tens of thousands widowed or orphaned, Mexico’s drug war -- which seems to be off the radars of that country’s presidential candidates -- is a chain wrapped around the nation's considerable industrial potential.
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FBI Runs for the Border

Mar 25, 2009
In a move that further militarizes a bloody drug war that left 6,300 people dead in 2008 alone, the White House is sending FBI agents and equipment to the US-Mexico border to defend against the "spillover" of drug violence The relocation of federal agents to the U Southwest follows the dispatching of thousands of Mexican soldiers to combat drug cartels earlier this year.

Mexico Militarizes Border Town

Mar 4, 2009
The confrontation between the Mexican state and violent drug gangs is escalating, with the Mexican government moving to stomp out the bloody drug-related conflict in the border town of Ciudad Juarez. The first of some 7,000 troops have moved in to try to take control of the city.