Bad News About Global AIDS Rate

Jul 23, 2007
Even though the sense of urgency about HIV/AIDS appears to have dropped off in mainstream media and culture in recent years, the latest news about infection rates is far from favorable President Bush's adviser on HIV/AIDS, Dr Anthony Fauci, for one, reports that we're "losing the numbers game" with respect to new infections around the globe .
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Egypt Bans Female Genital Mutilation

Jun 29, 2007
Female genital mutilation, known euphemistically as "female circumcision," has been banned completely in Egypt following the death of a girl. Although a soft ban has been in place for 10 years, some studies estimate that 90 percent of Egyptian women have had the procedure. Government and religious leaders have joined in condemning the practice.

Circumcision Reduces AIDS Risk

Dec 14, 2006
According to officials from the National Institutes of Health, circumcision reduces the risk in men of contracting HIV through heterosexual sex by roughly 50%. The announcement was based on several recent studies conducted in Africa.