The U.N. in Haiti: Time to Adapt or Time to Go

Sep 1, 2011
After seven years in Haiti, it is time for the UN peacekeeping mission to either significantly refocus its mission or close its operation and leave the business of governing and reconstruction to the Haitians themselvesIt is time for the U peacekeeping mission in Haiti to either significantly refocus its mission or close its operation completely.
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Haiti Wraps Up an Unkind 2010

Dec 25, 2010
It’s been quite a year for Haiti. With election turmoil, a cholera epidemic and manifest misery almost a year after one of the most destructive earthquakes of recent times, Haiti still awaits reconstruction and many of the aid dollars promised to help it recover.

Haiti Braces for Future Quakes

Nov 1, 2010
From earthquakes to cholera, Haiti can't seem to get a break. Geologists have now reported that the decimated country may be in serious risk of additional devastation. Scientists posit that “not all the geological strain that triggered the original quake” last Jan. 12 has been released.

Cholera Threatens Haiti

Oct 24, 2010
A cholera outbreak that has killed about 200 people in rural Haiti is threatening to spread to the capital, Port-au-Prince, potentially endangering the hundreds of thousands of earthquake survivors crowded into squalid camps around the city.

Cholera Plagues Zimbabwe

May 27, 2009
Cholera, the scourge of centuries past, has infected 100,000 people in Zimbabwe, dwarfing the body count of the much better publicized swine flu and demonstrating once again the dramatic and tragic inequality of health care in many parts of the developing world.

Mugabe’s Last Stand?

Dec 6, 2008
The U.S. has finally decided that it is "well past time" for Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe to be shown the door. This after he stole an election in June, subverted a power-sharing arrangement and run his once-prosperous nation into the ground.