The Soldier’s Tale
TD originals

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Spenser Rapone—dismissed by some of his classmates at West Point as the “communist cadet”—courageously confronted the military’s toxic hyper-masculinity, misogyny, racism and role as the enforcer for global capitalism.

The Remarkable Legacy of Fidel Castro

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“History will absolve me,” the leader of the Cuban Revolution famously predicted. It’s a hard point to argue in light of what he achieved for his country despite incessant interference by the United States.

The Empire Strikes Back
Chris Hedges

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U.S. imperialism and vicious corporate exploitation have returned to Latin America, and the region’s populist governments and movements are broken or in disarray. The defeat of the Latin American left is our defeat.

'Our Brand Is Crisis' Film Review: A Half-Baked Hollywood Version of a Great Documentary
Film Review

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David Gordon Green's star-studded film is a middling comedy about the humdrum conflicts between American meddlers in Bolivia's 2002 election Meanwhile, the Bolivians in it are as invisible as most of the slaves in "Gone With the Wind"David Gordon Green's star-studded film is a middling comedy about the internecine conflicts between American meddlers in Bolivia's 2002 election".

Revolution a la Russell Brand (Video)


The actor-comedian-turned-revolutionary tells Jeremy Paxman of the BBC's "Newsnight" that a massive change is on the way in a 10-minute interview that will have you up in arms about the current state of democracy.


It's not so much that Jon Stewart is lampooning Glenn Beck for the heck of it that makes this clip from Thursday night's "Daily Show" so inspired, it's that he practically out-Glenn-Becks Glenn Beck, all the while stealing a potential conspiracy theory that the excitable Fox News showman might soon have cooked up if left to his own devices.

'Che' Goes to Cannes


One of the most hotly anticipated contenders at this year's Cannes Film Festival is "Che," Steven Soderbergh's lengthy biopic of iconic Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara, featuring Benicio del Toro in the title role. However, whether the excitement surrounding the "Che" screening at the French film fest is any indication that moviegoers will flock to the (currently) 4-hour-plus production remains to be seen.

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