carla bruni

‘Midnight in Paris’: Tripping the City of Light Fantastic

May 21, 2011
Gil (Owen Wilson) is lolling on some steps in Paris, contemplating his moderately unhappy fate when an antique automobile pulls up and no less than F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda invite him to join them. In, as it happens, the 1920s, in the City of Light.I like the way Woody Allen induces us to suspend our disbelief in his fantasy. Over the years he has become—again, this is not something people seem to notice—a master filmmaker.
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Spin Control With Your Host, President Sarkozy

Apr 25, 2008
French President Nicolas Sarkozy strode into office a year ago after talking big about economic growth, but by early 2008 he complained that "the till's already empty" -- as he sported flashy accessories and stepped out with an even flashier new partner, Carla Bruni. Now, "Sarko" is doing crisis management and offering apologies for his past mistakes.