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Lambert’s ‘AMA’ Act Costs Him ‘GMA’ Gig

Nov 25, 2009
Over-the-top pop star Adam Lambert may once have been constrained by the unwritten rules of competition on "American Idol" when it came to his sexuality, but he made a notable departure from those days during his provocative performance at Sunday's American Music Awards Looks as if that act cost him (continued).

McCain Campaign Even More Obsessed With Obama

Aug 1, 2008
Right, so we've just seen the comparisons to Britney and Paris in John McCain's "Celeb" commercial, one of several ads from Team McCain's oeuvre that perhaps unwisely focus almost exclusively on the presumptive Democratic nominee instead of on McCain's own policies and positions Now, here's Charlton Heston's Moses impersonation to ratchet up the Camp-O-Meter in "The One," a McCain spot that ends by saying Obama "might be The One" Huh?.

Obama = Britney = Paris. Say What?

Jul 31, 2008
Do you think that when John McCain helped craft the legislation requiring "I approved this message" at the end of political ads he could have envisioned himself attaching his name and approval to this silliness? Behold, McCain's attempt to elevate the discourse by likening his opponent to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

GOP Insiders Slam McCain Ad Attacking Obama’s Celebrity

Jul 31, 2008
Several leading Republican strategists, both named and anonymous, were quoted Wednesday as slamming the latest in a string of bold attack ads on Barack Obama, this one overlaying images of the young senator with troubled trollops Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. "McCain ads are just catch as catch can, one wild swing at Obama after another," one strategist told the Washington Post.

Homer and Marge’s Shortsighted Prediction

Jan 29, 2008
"Simpsons" creator Matt Groening can take some creative license with his characters' back stories, as in this clip, which shows Marge and Homer Simpson -- still in college as they anticipate the end of the '90s -- predicting that Bill Clinton will certainly be seen as the worst president in US history for "lying in a deposition in a civil lawsuit" Well maybe not.