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Let My People Go

Aug 11, 2014
Chris Hedges delivered this address Saturday in New York City before demonstrators marched to UN headquarters in support of the people of Gaza The event was part of a day of international protest against the Israeli military assault on Palestinians.

The Week in Truthdig

Jul 26, 2014
In lieu of our regularly scheduled radio show, we present a summary of some of this week's most interesting original content, including the goings-on in Gaza and the trouble with Executive Order 12333.

Gaza as Sarajevo

Jul 24, 2014
The image of Israeli tank columns safely ranged on the periphery of Gaza methodically lobbing in round after round of supposedly precision-guided munitions (precision, that is, give or take the odd 25 person civilian family huddled together for the breaking of their Ramadan fast), sent me whistling back to my own time in Sarajevo, after the lifting of the siege there in the wake of the Dayton Accords in late 1995.