boris yeltsin
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Anti-Putin Politician’s Murder Lays Russian Realities Bare

Mar 7, 2015
The public assassination of one of Moscow's leading critics, just feet from the walls of the Kremlin, is a blow to the liberal opposition but, paradoxically, also shows that there are still remnants of political pluralism.The killing of one of Moscow's leading critics is a blow to the liberals but, paradoxically, also shows that politics are still being contested behind the facade of mass consensus for the regime.

Their ‘Perestroika’

Mar 26, 2011
Democracy is ever a fragile thing, especially in states that have no tradition of democratic rule and have, instead, a tradition of self-serving rule by self-appointed and often brutal elites.In “My Perestroika,” Russians reflect on the changes they have witnessed since the early 1980s, when "restructuring" began to reshape their lives.

Yeltsin Mourned, Buried in Moscow

Apr 25, 2007
Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, the country's first elected president, was laid to rest in Moscow on Wednesday. Former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush joined other dignitaries for the state funeral at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the first such ceremony for a Russian leader to be held in a church in more than 100 years.