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Iraq Hit by Wave of Bombings

Apr 23, 2010
A series of deadly bombings in Baghdad and elsewhere in Iraq struck a party headquarters, two mosques and other sites, in apparent retaliation for a U.S.-Iraqi raid five days earlier that killed the two top leaders of the country's insurgency.

54 Die in Post-Withdrawal Bombings

Jul 10, 2009
Thursday saw the deadliest day since the withdrawal of most US soldiers from Iraq's urban areas, with 54 people being killed in attacks across the country Some believe the increase in bombings is an attempt to delegitimize the post-U Iraqi security forces Others believe it to be just the continuation of six years of bloodshed.

Mumbai Movies: Too Soon?

Dec 13, 2008
The death and destruction from last month's terrorist attacks in Mumbai are still fresh in the minds of many, but filmmakers in India nevertheless are rushing to retell the events cinematically, with over 20 Mumbai-themed movies already awaiting approval.