body scan

TSA Commissions Study of X-Ray Body Scanners

Dec 20, 2012
After months of congressional pressure, the Transportation Security Administration has agreed to contract with the National Academy of Sciences to explore the health effects of the agency's X-ray body scanners.
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Much Ado About Touching

Nov 25, 2010
It’s D-Day for pat-down protests and so far it looks like most people just want to get where they’re going AP reports that waits at major airports Wednesday morning were surprisingly short -- the TSA estimates 20 minutes or less .

Why Granny Gets Searched

Nov 23, 2010
It's hard to love the Transportation Security Administration, especially now that airport personnel seem so intent on touching people's junk. But the TSA's job isn't to be adorable, it's to be infallible -- and also, apparently, to suffer being unfairly maligned.