blue dogs

Pete Buttigieg Is the Past

Oct 16, 2019
He may be the youngest candidate in the race, but as Tuesday’s debate made clear, the mayor's politics are as cynical as they are stale.
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When Liberals Attack

Nov 10, 2010
Glenn Greenwald of Salon and Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC share a lot of views, but the two got into a shouting match over the value of conservative Democrats in the aftermath of the tea party holocaust. Here the two hash out their differences, with a little "West Wing" digestif.

Blue Dogs Get Taken to the Pound

Nov 4, 2010
We will inevitably hear that the lesson of Tuesday's election is that the Democrats need to move to the right. That thinking, in 1994, led to the Blue Dog Coalition of conservative Democrats. But the Blue Dogs went down hard Tuesday. Nearly half of the Blue Dogs running lost.

Blue Dog Fundraising Dries Up

Oct 28, 2009
The Blue Dog Coalition's political action committee took in just $12,500 in September, from a total of three donations. The group raised $1.1 million between January and June. Could it be the steadfast opposition to health care reform, or perhaps the perception among donors that the conservative Democrats just won't be able to deliver?

Obama’s Enforcer: Not Really Tough Enough

Aug 20, 2009
Every mistake made by the Obama White House in the pursuit of health care reform can be traced to the political style and ideological prejudices of Rahm Emanuel, who has repeatedly sought to intimidate progressives and empower conservatives.Every mistake in the pursuit of health care reform can be traced to the ideological prejudices of Rahm Emanuel.

‘Left, Right & Center’: Bonuses, Blue Dogs and Beer

Aug 1, 2009
This week's show covers flagrant shenanigans in the financial world -- could it be that Tony Blankley makes a move toward the left? Meanwhile, lefty Robert Scheer is the surprising deficit hawk in the mix, and Arianna Huffington and Matt Miller clash over whether the absence of a strong public provision in Congress' emerging health plan represents a betrayal of the American people. Also: beer!

Blue Dogs Get Their Way, Progressives See Red

Jul 30, 2009
House Democrats have caved to the rebellious Blue Dogs and agreed to make the health care reform bill friendlier to business at the expense of the poor Progressive Caucus Co-Chair Rep Lynn Woolsey wasn't happy: "They can't possibly be taking us seriously if they're going to bring this forward" Above, top dog Mike Ross.