Killing Gaza

May 13, 2018
Hunger, sickness, terror, despair and Israeli military violence routinely afflict and kill the entrapped people of Gaza. The new film “Killing Gaza” explains in heartbreaking detail why Palestinians have been risking their lives during seven weeks of nonviolent protests.

Three Die in New Round of Gaza Protests

Apr 6, 2018
Israeli fire has killed 25 Palestinians, including 19 protesters, in the past week, and Gaza's Hamas rulers say there will be more protests over the decades-long border blockade of the territory.
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Former U.N. Specialist for Palestinian Rights Suspects War Crimes

Aug 16, 2014
Richard Falk, who for six years served as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights, argues in a recent interview that there is no evidence that Israel’s air campaign has decreased rocket fire from Gaza. Likewise the claim that Hamas uses human shields is unfounded and Israel’s siege of Gaza is missing from media accounts of the cause of the current conflict, he contends.

Israel’s Waning Stock of Sympathy

Aug 2, 2014
Operation Protective Edge has resulted in the deaths of more than 1,400 Palestinians in recent weeks, compared with 56 Israeli soldiers and four civilians. It's long past time for Israel to consider a two-state solution, stop the creeping encroachment of the occupation, and end a blockade that "ensures that ever more Palestinians grow up angry," The Economist writes.

Flotilla Raid Deemed Legal

Jan 24, 2011
In a result sure to spark intense debate, Israel’s attack on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla last May has been declared by a government commission to be a legal use of force for self-defense. Israeli commandos killed nine activists attempting to break the blockade on the impoverished Gaza Strip.

Israel Tweaks Gaza Blockade List

Jul 6, 2010
Israel responded to widespread censure and criticism from allies and opponents alike on Monday by modifying its blockade list of supplies allowed into Gaza, but some involved parties aren't satisfied by the extent of the overall changes.

Israel’s Flotilla Inquiry ‘Farce’

Jun 14, 2010
Israel's oldest daily newspaper, Haaretz, condemns the Netanyahu government's "farce" of an inquiry into the deadly flotilla raid: "The conclusions of an ostensible probe are intended to justify retroactively the decision to blockade Gaza and to use deadly force on the deck of the Mavi Marmara".