blanche lincoln

Kagan’s Confirmation Looks Likely

Aug 5, 2010
Elena Kagan is almost through the wringer, awaiting a Senate vote later this week on her Supreme Court nomination. Hers has been a fairly uneventful vetting process, and judging by the mood on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, she'll soon be sporting a black robe.

There’s No Accounting for Taste in Arkansas

Jun 9, 2010
Although she was trailing primary challenger Bill Halter in at least one recent poll, Arkansas Democrats decided Tuesday to give Sen. Blanche Lincoln another shot. Lincoln had been targeted by unions and progressive groups after she killed the pro-labor bill she once co-sponsored and worked to weaken health care reform.
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Your Handy Primary Guide

Jun 9, 2010
The fate of Senate Majority Leader -- and favorite punching bag of tea party types -- Harry Reid may hang in the balance during this year's election cycle, and on Tuesday his home state of Nevada will be one of 11 states holding primaries.

Who’s Afraid of Rand Paul?

May 19, 2010
Tuesday’s election results were pretty good for progressives. The retirement of that windbag chameleon Sen. Arlen Specter is long overdue, and pro-labor forces were able to push Sen. Blanche Lincoln into a runoff in Arkansas. Even the big tea party win in Kentucky has its bright side.Count me as one lefty liberal who is not the least bit unhappy with the victory by Rand Paul in Kentucky’s Republican primary for the U.S. Senate.

Unions Punish Lincoln in Arkansas

May 19, 2010
Sen Blanche Lincoln helped sink the proposed Employee Free Choice Act, which would have made labor organizing much easier Now the Democrat is headed to a primary runoff against Arkansas Lt Gov Bill Halter (above), thanks in part to a massive multimillion-dollar campaign effort by the AFL-CIO and the SEIU (continued).

Obama Pressures Senate on Public Option

Oct 5, 2009
Like a reluctant Sisyphus, the president is still pushing the public option up Capitol Hill According to a report in the L Times, Obama has been trying to sell moderate Democrats on the idea That's no easy task, as many have taken gobs of money from the private health industry and coincidentally oppose meaningful reform.