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Conservatives Stripping ‘Liberal Bias’ From the Bible

Oct 7, 2009
A group of conservatives is working on "a thought-for-thought translation" of the Bible "without corruption by liberal bias." Yes, that Bible. The organization seeks to create a document that, among other things, is "Not Emasculated," that "Express[es] Free Market Parables" and that favors "conciseness [over] the liberal style of high word-to-substance ratio." That Jesus was such a wordy socialist.

For the Post, Cat Is Big, Corruption Ain’t

Aug 1, 2008
While most other newspapers around the country treated the indictment of Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, as a major cover story, the New York Post ran the story as a small item on Page 17. As Stephen Colbert put it, "Thank God for Rupert Murdoch and the objective journalists at the New York Post," which featured a 44-pound cat from New Jersey on Wednesday's cover.

McCain’s Ink Envy

Jul 23, 2008
John McCain has often been described as a media darling, but that was before Mr. Straight Talk had to run against a political phenomenon. The Arizona senator was already frustrated by his drooping media prestige, but the wall-to-wall coverage of Barack Obama's international tour, which was kind of McCain's idea, has him seeing red.