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Red Meat Takes Another Hit in Health Study

Mar 13, 2012
Does even the occasional hamburger spell doom for meat enthusiasts? The connection may not be quite that clear, but a new wide-ranging study published this week in the Archives of Internal Medicine makes the case that carnivores might want to seriously scale back their intake of red meat or sub in poultry or fish for the sake of their life span.

Mmmm, Test-Tube Hamburgers

Feb 20, 2012
Here's a new Frankenfood twist on classic cuisine: A team of scientists in the Netherlands are this close to producing a hamburger made of meat generated from stem cells. Soon, we will be able to enjoy the delicious taste of test-tube hamburgers and other prime laboratory-grade delicacies (but at a price).

You Just Ate a Clone, Guv

Aug 4, 2010
Meat from a bull descended from a cloned cow entered the British food supply, a government regulator said, and "will have been eaten." Sale of the meat was apparently in violation of European law as the Food Standards Agency has not yet decided whether meat derived from cloning is kosher, so to speak.

Huge Recall of Beef Is Linked to Schools

Feb 18, 2008
The Department of Agriculture has ordered the largest ever beef recall in the US, deeming 143 million pounds of beef unfit for human consumption because of inspection violations The plant responsible for the suspect meat happens to call the U government, including the National School Lunch Program, one of its best customers.

Franken-Heifers Immune to Mad Cow

Jan 3, 2007
Using a combination of genetic engineering and cloning, scientists from the U.S. and Japan have successfully eliminated the protein that causes mad cow disease. So far the cows in the lab have proven immune to the illness, which shreds its victims' brains, driving them mad.