Predicting Menopause

Jun 27, 2010
Scientists believe that a simple blood test could in the future be able to predict exactly when a woman will start menopause, a development that would be invaluable in helping women make reproductive decisions.
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Get Pregnant, Get Court-Martialed

Dec 20, 2009
Remember when protecting women's rights was given as a justification for invading countries? Well, the U.S. general in northern Iraq has added pregnancy to the reasons why a soldier could be court-martialed -- a list that includes selling weapons and taking drugs.

Disney Offers Refund for Baby Bupkis

Oct 26, 2009
Somehow the Walt Disney Co. managed to convince the parents of one-third of America's babies to spend $200 million a year on Baby Einstein videos. The tapes were supposed to smarten kids up, but watching TV from ages 1-3 could actually cause attention problems. Under pressure, Disney is now offering refunds. (continued)

The Bush Baby Boom

Jul 21, 2009
Yet another report confirms, as The Guardian explains, "that rates of teen pregnancy and STDs are, after more than a decade of decline, once again on the rise." Thanks to President Bush's abstinence-only sex education agenda, black, Hispanic and poor women are more likely to have unwanted pregnancies.

Colorado Lawmaker Shocks With Tirade on Babies and AIDS

Feb 26, 2009
An effort to screen pregnant women for HIV in order to reduce the spread of the virus among babies didn't get Colorado state Sen Dave Schultheis' vote In the Republican's own controversial words, that's because "[t]his stems from sexual promiscuity for the most part, and I just can't go there We do things continually to remove the consequences of poor behavior, unacceptable behavior, quite frankly".

Edwards Admits Affair, Denies Having Love Child

Aug 8, 2008
If John Edwards hoped to keep the lid on his extramarital affair with fledgling filmmaker Rielle Hunter, his alleged recent chase scene at a Beverly Hills hotel, co-starring spies from the National Enquirer, probably didn't help matters much. The former presidential candidate has finally owned up to the affair, although he still denies that he fathered Hunter's newborn. Updated

Questioning Adoption-Abortion Link

Oct 30, 2007
One of the right wing's most frequently invoked alternatives to abortion is adoption -- but, as an Op-Ed piece in the Los Angeles Times points out, the relationship between the two choices is not at all as direct or demonstrable as some politicians, such as Rudy Giuliani, have made it seem.