ayn rand

Mad Stories in Paul Ryan’s World

Mar 16, 2013
Paul Ryan's budget plan tells a story of savage violence that shows that those who occupy the bottom rungs of American society -- whether they be low-income families, minorities of color or the young -- are to be considered disposable.

Birth Control Is the New Poison

Feb 25, 2013
Laws proposed this year include a bill whose proponent is an Oklahoma cardiologist who sees venomous effects in hormonal contraception for women; the Obama administration has created a policy that will allow more public access to federally financed research; meanwhile, an Italian newspaper claims Pope Benedict resigned thanks to pressure from a secret gay lobby. These discoveries and more after the jump.
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Pity the Bamboozled and Confused

Jan 8, 2013
“Every problem that the editorialists fret about today will get worse,” Harper’s Magazine columnist and author Thomas Frank told an audience in November. “Inequality, global warming, financial bubbles, one after another. But it won’t matter. On America will go, chasing the only ideology that our country has left, down into the seething Arcadia of all against all.”